FIX Simulation FAQ’s

FIXSIM provides detailed answers to common questions regarding their FIX simulation and FIX protocol services, covering topics such as system capabilities, supported FIX versions, and subscription options. This resource is essential for users seeking to understand the technical and operational aspects of FIXSIM's offerings, including customization options and security features. It also highlights the accessibility and global support that FIXSIM provides to its diverse client base, from individual consultants to major financial institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chat with us about our pricing plans that fit your needs. We work with individual consultants to the worlds largest broker/dealers and investment managers. We have plans to fit your budget.
We launched FIXSIM in 2013 currently have clients around the globe. From independent contractors to large FinTech firms, we have plans to fit your needs.
We can support any version of FIX, but most production systems use FIX 4.4, 4.2, or 4.0. We support all versions from 4.0 through 5.0 and it's service packs.
Have a look! Register for free and you will be entered into our demo account where you can see a preview of the UI.
FIXSIM can handle custom tags on both incoming and outgoing messages. If you have questions or need customizations, we're happy to work with your requirements.
Yes! We allow you to directly target a simualted Bloomberg session.
Yes, our professional plans have our Rule Builder, which allows you to define behavoirs on how FIXSIM should respond to messages received.
No, we are a SaaS company. By hosting FIXSIM we are able to deploy, modify, and upgrade our services to provide our customers with an ever improving solution. NO software to download and maintain!
Yes! We provide encrypted TLS 1.2 FIX sessions and our Web application uses it as well.
Yes, FIXSIM has a powerful feature (Raw Messages) which allows a user to copy/paste a valid FIX message into your target session. FIXSIM will automatically recalculate checksum, body length, etc and also update the CompIDs and sequence numbers and more. Incredibly powerful feature to troubleshoot production issues.

FIX Protocol Client Testing

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