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Published 2020/07/20
Gregg Drumma

FIX Protocol Certification & Testing

If you provide a FIX Protocol interface to your customers, you understand the costs of FIX certification for each client and application vendor.  When your FIX specification changes or a new client is on-boarded, ensuring the client can properly implement your FIX specification prevents production level surprises.  Traditionally, FIX certification is handled one client at a time using a conference line to walk through the test cases.

The FIX Certification Solution

  • If you provide a FIX specification for your Algorithmic Trading interface you might have dozens of clients and each one of those clients might use a different EMS/OMS.
  • The trading application may be a vendor or an in-house built system.  Certifying all those clients manually requires scheduling a call, manually walking through the messages being sent/received and validating the results.

With FIXSIM as a solution, your clients can run certification tests asynchronously in FIXSIM.   As a provider of the interface, you have access to reports to see all of your clients progress (pass/fail) across all the FIX testing cases and review the messages.

Using FIXSIM greatly reduces the need for manual handling of FIX certifications, allowing your support team to focus on other projects.

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FIX Protocol Client Testing

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